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The Root of Optimum

"The Optimum workout is an accumulation of my 25 years of training and all the effective things I know about fitness all fused into an 8-week block."

-Founder, Tracy Green, PhD

Tracy Green has been a part of the fitness industry for over 25 years as a sports performance and fitness coach. This former US Marine, teacher and head football coach has built a successful fitness business with three locations in Solano County; Vacaville, Suisun and Dixon.

Shred2Fit Members posing after workout
Photo of Coach & Owner Tracy Green

The Optimum Workout is truly a fusion of all the things he’s learned over the years, packed into this very effective circuit training format, that has Strength, Cardio and Core HIIT, which is everything you need to transform your physique.

Shred2Fit Member photo
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