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Newsflash! Athletes train their posterior!

Your entire posterior, especially your glutes makes or breaks your physique. Training the posterior is hard, but nothing in life worth anything is easy. Success requires struggle.

This glute focused workout uses the BAE (Best Ass Ever) method to build a posterior that is both aesthetic and functional. Learn more about how to develop your glutes in this program!

B is a total body glute targeted workout that is guaranteed to test your well and burn🔥 massive calories💦 Based on max interval training.


The Keys to BAE9 Training

  • Perform a dynamic activation warm-up and mobility work to prepare your body and CNS.

  • Use great form for all of the exercises.

  • As little rest as possible between supersets

  • Pop and squeeze your glutes as tight as possible when performing the exercises

  • If needed rest 30-45 seconds between supersets 

  • Don’t sacrifice form for speed when performing an exercise


Having a pancake posterior is unacceptable if you are looking to develop that dream body and build athleticism. In today's world plastic surgeons are offering shortcuts to developing the glutes, but those results do not last nor build character.


Use this workout program to add real strength, muscle mass, and thickness to your posterior chain.

Stay consistent and you might even cause some rubbernecking!


What you get with BAE9 ONLINE

  • On Demand workouts designed to specifically train your full body with an emphasis on your glutes and abs!

  • Access and membership benefits to BAE9 Private FB Group page.

  • Detailed Meal Plan with Recipes (Traditional, Student Athlete, Plant Based, Menopause and more) and Grocery List to take all that guess work out

  • Access to The Glute Gangsta and Coach Jess for all your workout and nutrition questions and support!

  • Now, get more access to the Glute Gangsta by joining his Glute Gang Membership Online! You will have access to all the programs, Shred2Fit online and more! 

What you need for BAE9 ONLINE


Please let us know if you have any questions on equipment.  

As soon as you sign up, you will be a part of the Glute Gang and train right alongside the 5am BAE9 ladies. via Zoom, inside Booty Lab Fitness!!! If you are unable to attend the Zoom class, a recording will be posted each day!

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BAE group photo

Next Phase Starts on 7/11/22


9 Week Program

3 payments of $117

Wendy before and after
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