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Hardbody X Men

HardbodyX: The Secret Formula to Building A Body Like  A Superhero

The goal is to make you look like a superhero in as little time as possible by bringing up 6 key muscle groups: The Hardbody 6.

If you want a physique that turns heads and commands respect, in the fastest time possible, it’s critical that you focus on the Hardbody 6:

Upper Chest, Upper Back, Shoulders, Lats, Thighs and Calves.


This is a program for men that want to get Jacked like a Superhero.

HardbodyX is a athletic training, muscle building, fat loss, physique enhancement program for men that will transform your body like a Hollywood star in 9 weeks.

  • Build muscle over the entire body, and specialize the “Hardbody6”

  • Lose fat so that you have a 6-pack like Superman

  • This is for guys who want to workout 5x per week.

  • For beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees (looking like a superhero is easier than you think).

  • Small group training

May 2, 2023-July 3, 2023​

5am Mon-Fri - Coach "Crazy" Tracy

6am Mon-Fri - Coach "Crazy" Tracy

6:30pm Mon-Th Coach "Deebo" Howard

7am Sat Coach "Crazy" Tracy

Created by Coach CrazyTracy

Tracy Green profiel

My Story,



It was December of 2021.  I stepped outside of my doctors office angry, disappointed,

afraid and ashamed. Here I go again! I’m an overweight unhealthy 245lb pre-diabetic. 

Also, I have to get both my hips replaced and am in constant, chronic pain. I knew right then,

if I wanted to get ‘above average’ results, I had to do what the MASSES weren’t doing. I had

to stop accepting the norm of, at 57 years old, I couldn’t be in top notch shape. I had to rewire

my mind that youth has NO AGE LIMIT, accept the limitations we put on it.


There had to be a simpler more enjoyable way to achieve a superior fitness level and maintain it while enjoying life. I had to change the game to get long lasting results. The fitness industry has made getting into shape too confusing and complicated. I must admit I’ve been part of promoting this!


Mainstream fitness methods take forever to get results. And, they don’t produce superior ‘next level’ fitness results. It was time for me to reevaluate all my fitness knowledge and pick a different path to follow…


Fitness is suppose to enhance and improve your life. Not burden it!


So, I put on my mad scientist hat and went to work in my fitness lab. I put my 25 years plus knowledge together into what surprised me was a very simple formula.


I fused it all into an effective method that helps you chisel a lean, muscular, ripped physique that you will be proud to show off.


Crazy, when I decided to ‘think out of the box’ and do it the unconventional way is when my best results were fostered...


All while not having to count calories, workout 7 days a week, go on a crazy tasteless low calorie diet that you can’t sustain forever.


Matter of fact this new formula allowed me to workout less, enjoy delicious food, and enjoy life while packing on muscle, staying lean, ripped and losing -53lbs.


What I’m saying is don’t allow your age to limit you. Also, don’t be afraid to think out of the box and do it in a different way.

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