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Summer Countdown Transformation

Welcome to our Summer Countdown 8 week training block.

This program is built around an 8 week block, with each 8 weeks split into 2 weeks of Power, 2 weeks of Strength, 2 weeks of Hypertrophy Training, and 2 weeks of Shredding. Combined with cardio and targeted core training. There is no cost to participating in this program if you are a member.

If you not a Shred2Fit member, you may join us on our Intro Offer  <<<<

The key and beauty to this programming is with this changing every 2 weeks, the body is constantly having to adapt to new stimuluses, and this is what leads to continuous results!

This is a gym wide 8 week training block where EVERYONE will be “training with a purpose for a purpose” to shred, gain muscle and lose weight, in the Optimum program.

To truly get results, you are going to be tracking the weight on your main lifts which we call the 5 Maxims:

• Barbell Bench Press

• Barbell Back Squats

• Barbell Deadlifts

• Barbell Push Press

• Barbell Hip Thrusts

As you enter the gym you will grab a sheet with your fitness information on it so you are not guessing your weight. Tracking will enable you to get stronger, leaner and more fit.


We start May 8th-June 30th 2023.

shred2fitchallenge meal plan

For those that are really serious and want to take full advantage of this 8 week-block, you can purchase a meal plan that is designed to give you your best results in the next 8 weeks.


Also, those that purchase the meal plan will be on a private Facebook page where you will be held accountable and encouraged by Coach Crazy Tracy and your coaches.

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