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The Mental Game

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“The heaviest burdens we carry are the thoughts in our head”


Everything starts with your Mindset!!


Have you ever asked yourself this question?


"Why do I have to struggle everyday in life whereas others breeze through?"


Our mindset defines our perspective and these fundamental attitudes will naturally affect what we do and where we go in life.


The difference in whether you succeed or whether you don’t comes down to one simple thing; believing in yourself and getting your mind right.

If you know anything about 57 year old Tray~Sexy, having a positive and successful mindset is what leads to creating success-making habits and finally achieving long-term success. There is no other way to succeed.

The ability to be gritty, to pursue what's important to you and to be resilient in the face of failure, bounce back, taking initiative by taking action without being told, being tenacious and never giving up and never stop trying, are crucial components of success.

Meet #traysexy , a 57 year old former marine, teacher, counselor, head football coach and entrepreneur, whose spent his entire life coaching, inspiring and teaching others the tools and strategies to overcome their obstacles and achieve their life goals. He works out 3-4 days a week for 45-60 minutes and credits developing systematic habits as his  reason for success. He’s lost -48lbs and reversed his diabetes by simply changing his mindset and just getting shit done.


To be successful on your physical and mental fitness journey Tracy has this advice:

1-Establish Systematic Habits that you repeat each day.

2-Consistency is progress in practice.

3-Focus on the “Process” and not the outcome.

4-No ones coming to save you. Only you can save you.

5-Life isn’t fair. Get Over it!

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