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About Us

Private Training Sessions

At Shred2Fit, our Private Training sessions are designed to cater to your unique fitness needs with a personalized touch. Each session is open for up to two participants, allowing you to sign up alone or with a partner. This structure provides flexibility—enjoy focused, one-on-one coaching or share the session with another individual who may also be seeking personalized training.


Why Choose Private Training?

Our Private Training is ideal for:

  • Advanced Athletic Goals: Tailored coaching for athletes, including bodybuilders or student athletes who require specialized agility or speed training.

  • Individuals with Special Requirements: Perfect for those needing customized attention due to physical limitations.

  • Personal Attention Seekers: If you value detailed, personalized coaching to refine techniques and achieve fitness goals, these sessions are designed for you.

We’re dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness aspirations.

Join Our Online Community

Don’t forget to join our vibrant community at FitFam Hub by Shred2Fit for additional motivation and free educational resources on fitness. Engage with like-minded individuals, access exclusive content, and stay inspired on your fitness journey.

*Note: Individual results may vary.

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Pricing Options

Intro Offer

3 Sessions Pack - $360 per person

60 Minutes


Ideal for those looking to jumpstart their fitness journey or refresh their routine. In three sessions, you will experience the benefits of personalized coaching, focused on kick-starting your path to fitness with effective, tailored workouts. Perfect for a trial run of our private training dynamics.



*2 slots available per session

8 Sessions Pack - $960 per person

60 Minutes


A great choice for those committed to making significant progress in their fitness goals. Over eight sessions (twice per week), delve deeper into personalized fitness plans that challenge and change you. This pack helps build a solid foundation of strength and endurance, paving the way for visible transformations.

*2 slots available per session

12 Sessions Pack - $1440 per person

60 Minutes


Our most comprehensive package, designed for those who are serious about transformation. With 12 sessions, (3X per week) you will receive extensive coaching, including a Free Fitness assessment ($97 value) detailed progress assessments, tailored customized meal plan and advanced techniques. Achieve remarkable results through consistent, customized workouts that evolve as you do.

*2 slots available per session

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