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tracy green before and after


I am Tracy Green a former Marine, Teacher, High School Football Coach, and presently a fitness business owner of 5 training facilities.

What I love the most is helping others achieve their fitness goals in a safe and effective way.

I am happy to be on this #s2fstrong Team with you! My special power is I help people lose weight and build lean muscle without following some horrendous diet or doing stuff that is boring and could put you at risk in the gym. My secret weapon is hard work, simplicity and a will to grind. 

I got into fitness because I had to. I was out of shape, overweight and pre-diabetic.

I was able to totally turn my life around and I grew a passion for working out and continuing to teach others to believe in themselves. I started my business as an unemployed teacher. It eventually expanded. And here we are now. 

The secret to a good exercise program is to strip it down to the fundamentals, and leave it at that. Quality before quantity, effectiveness before efficiency. And don’t forget to be your own BFF. Self love goes a long way.


Hey there, I’m coach Jessica Locke and I’m insanely excited to welcome you to Shred2Fit.

I started my fitness journey at a very unhealthy age of 44 years old. I was sold on the fact that i just turn mushy in my forties: "..just clothe yourself in looser clothes & dress comfortably"; "There are flattering tops that loosen around the waist and cover your butt."
And, there i was.. sold on that fact. The sexy vibrant parts of me were in the past. Mom jeans and flowy blouses were my jam.
Wine and eating out was no longer a treat but a constant. And with all that drinking and eating, who wants to workout!?! I was too tired. "I’ll go tomorrow... or next week, or next month, i’ll start fresh."
I was getting more and more unhealthy. I hated the skin that i was in, but accepted this was me now.
March of 2016,, I tried Tracy’s gym upon my sister’s recommendation. I struggled but came back, then came back again. Days turned into months to years. Between weight loss challenges and coaches pushing me to do better, This 48 year old body is transformed!!
Not just the body, but the mind and spirit!!

I’m super passionate about sharing my story and helping others of all ages learn the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

This is the healthiest and strongest I’ve ever been. But i’m not stopping!! Join us! We aren’t going to settle! We are going to take our health back, do the work to shred our body down and look and feel sexy and strong!!! Let’s keep pushing ourselves to do better!! We’ve got this, team!! Let’s get it! 

Coach Jess before and after
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