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The Optimum Workout

Our Philosophy

We train as #1TEAM while completing our daily workout and overall program. The Optimum classes focus on functional fitness that support your everyday life. It includes movements such as walking, pushing, pulling, bending, squatting, lunging, and core. We focus on the three components to a well-balanced exercise routine:

cardio, building strength, and targeted core training.

Our ultimate goal is to foster a team spirit that helps individuals improve their mental, and physical health overall.

•Cardio… We Gotcha!

•Strength training… We Gotcha X2!

•Core HIIT… We Gotcha!

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Regardless of age, weight or athletic ability, aerobic exercise is good for you. Now prepare yourself to get to moving. Combined with a healthy diet, aerobic exercise helps you lose weight and keep it off. You can also gain increased heart and lung fitness and bone and muscle strength over time. For cardio we like to use rowers or assault bikes to burn major calories within our circuit format.

Z2 & Z3


When it comes to our strength training, we focus on giving members what is vital to them reaching their goals; and that comes from practicing minimalism.  Minimalism is about avoiding the unnecessary, it's about simplicity, and utility. Combine this with progressive overload training which gradually increases the intensity of workouts to avoid a plateau in muscle mass and strength.

Our programming is built around a 6 week block, with each 6 weeks split into 2 weeks of Power, 2 weeks of Strength, and 2 weeks of Hypertrophy Training.

The key and beauty to this programming is with this changing every 4 weeks, the body is constantly having to adapt to new stimuluses, and this is what leads to continuous results!

By the way, our sessions are scientifically designed, with a emphasize on compound lifts, but our ethos of, Training As #1Team, is always in the forefront with members training in a circuit group format to push one another to continue to progress toward their goals in a fun, supportive and motivating environment.

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Core training is for everyone! Strengthening the body’s own stabilizing muscles not only improves an athlete’s performance but also helps in daily work. You don’t want a back sprain while lifting something off the floor. It can happen, but if the core is kept strengthened, the likelihood of an injury being caused by an everyday task is much lower. That’s why The Optimum Workout dedicates a full zone to targeting your abs and mobility work.

Our Classes

The Optimum Workout sessions follow a pattern of 3 days of Optimum Strong (strength focused) and 3 days of Optimum Shred (cardio focused). This 12 week block training program, consist of power, strength, hypertrophy. This block is constantly tracked and repeated to maximize performance and results.

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