😶Confession time! Sometimes I crave warm chocolate chip cookies!

And sometimes I eat it them! And some OTHER times I know eating them won’t do me any favors in the health/wellness department. Especially at night before bed!

Here’s what I personally do when I’m stuck in the second scenario – facing down a craving. 🚫

I make some tea with a splash of almond milk and cinnamon and listen to a podcast or meditate if it's late. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Basically, it’s all about finding a DIVERSION that keeps my brain 🧠 and hands 🙌 occupied until the craving goes away.

Or if it doesn’t totally go away, at least it’s not as strong.

The thing with cravings is that they usually have nothing to do with hunger ... and have EVERYTHING to do with habits or associations we have with certain foods.

Now, if it's mid day and on a weekend, I do have a healthy version that I make myself. See Recipe here:

❓What do you do to short-circuit your cravings? Let’s chat below! 👇

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I do it for my mental & physical health, I do it to inspire others and to look and feel good about myself. Most importantly, as I age, working out keeps my body limber and able to function in everyday life.

Do you know how I’m always talking about finding your WHY – the REASON driving all your healthy habits?

It’s what keeps you going when your motivation is low.

I have several big “whys.”

  1. 🙏My mental state is so much better after a workout. I feel good and am more pleasant to be

  2. 💪 Menopause and aging has slowed my metabolism. Working out helps combat that. HIIT workouts coupled with strength training, help rev up my metabolism to help keep that weight off.

  3. 👊My peers and my clients- I want to inspire others and I am always inspired by them. Helping others achieve their goals, especially menopausal women, helps me as well. All the research, meal planning, etc. makes it worth it for all of us!

❓What are your WHYs? Let’s share them and get inspired! Post below!👇

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