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HardbodyX Bulk & Cut

"After years and years of coaching my clients, I have discovered an old and successful training method  that's proven to reshape their physique and allow them to be in the best physical shape in their ANY AGE

~Coach Tracy Green

Coach Tracy Green has spent years coaching clients and experimenting with innovative training techniques to attain optimal results. At Shred2Fit, we're confident that we have found the best method to reshape your physique and get you into the best shape of your life. Regardless of your age, our personalized small group training sessions can help you reach your goals and maintain your fitness levels. Our training program is scientifically-backed and our coaches have helped many our clients reach their desired physique.

Ready to take your fitness to the next level? Sign up for our HBX Bulk and Cut classes at Shred2Fit and start seeing results. Led by experienced coaches Tracy Green and Howard Berry, these classes include nutritional guidance, support, and accountability to help you get in shape and feel great.

Coach Jess Before and After

Jessica, 52 Years Old

Janelle Before and After

Janelle, 43 Years Old


5am Monday-Friday

6am Monday-Friday

9am Monday-Friday

6:15pm Monday-Thursday

7am Saturday

Tina Before And After

Tina, 51 Years Old

Lucy Before and After

Lucy, 50 Years Old

Mindy in a dress
Terressa before and after

Terresa, 33 Years Old

Mindy, 58 Years Old

Testimonial from Rosalba

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