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Welcome to Your Nutrition Destination!


At Shred2Fit, we believe that the right nutrition is the cornerstone of any successful fitness journey. That’s why we’ve curated specialized meal plans to complement each of our training programs. Whether you're taking on high-intensity intervals or finding peace in meditative stretches, we've got a nutrition plan tailored just for you.

Dive into our diverse offerings below. And remember, when paired with a Shred2Fit membership, the synergy of diet and exercise will truly unlock your potential. Let's embark on this journey to holistic health together!

Got queries? We're here to guide. Connect with us at 707-514-0687 or drop a line at Your wellness is our priority.

meal plan for stress and anxiety

The Ultimate Stress-Relieving Meal Plan: $97!

Combat stress with Shred2Fit's nutrient-packed meal plan for just $97! Boost mental well-being with key nutrients like magnesium, vitamin B6, and fiber. Choose our vibrant plant-based option for natural stress relief. Elevate benefits with a Shred2Fit membership—pair nutrition with exercise for optimal results! (Once your purchase, your meal plan will be emailed to you!)

Master your metabolism meal plan

Master Your Metabolism with Meal Plan: $97

Take control of your metabolism with our Master Your Metabolism Meal Plan. Designed to help you achieve your fitness goals in just four weeks, this program is the perfect complement to a Shred2Fit Membership. Our carefully crafted meal plan will help you lose inches, gain strength, and feel fantastic. With our program, you'll be amazed at what you can accomplish!

Summer Countdown Meal Plan
Coach Jess before and after

Summer Countdown Transformation Meal Plan: $97

The goal of this meal plan is cutting to trim the body of excess fat, while minimizing the loss of lean muscle.
Cutting is achieved primarily in the kitchen through careful macronutrient manipulation.
You can expect to lose weight, and develop lean muscle, but your measurements may change more drastically than that as you lose more from your waist and other areas where the body tends to store excess
fat.  Excellent for your Summer Transformation Program! 

Enjoy some FREE recipes below on us!!

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