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Crush Diabetes Project - 30 Day Project

October 23rd-November 21st 2023



Our Mission:

“Doctors have treatments. We offer a solution!”

With approximately 1.84 million Americans battling Type 2 Diabetes, it's time for change. We're on a mission to take on this health crisis with an unconventional but effective approach.


The Unconventional Approach:

Our 30-day program isn’t just a workout plan - it's a life-changing experience designed specifically for those with pre-diabetes & diabetes. We aim to get your insulin levels in check and promote an overall healthier lifestyle.


Why Trust Us?

My Personal Battle and Victory:

It was December 2018. Exiting the doctor’s office, I was overwhelmed with anger, disappointment, and shame. Weighing 245lbs, diagnosed with diabetes, in chronic pain, and needing double hip replacements, I knew something had to change.

Being a part of the fitness industry for over 25 years, I realized many fitness methods were not catering to diabetics. It was time to create my own path, to produce not just results but ‘next level’ outcomes.


The New Method:

With my accumulated fitness knowledge, I crafted a unique formula:

  • Focused Workouts: Designed to get results without overwhelming you.

  • Balanced Nutrition: Eat without counting every calorie and enjoy a sustainable diet.

  • Specific to Diabetics: Understand the unique needs of those with diabetes.

Achieve a leaner, more muscular physique. Lower blood pressure, reduce weight, and potentially eliminate the need for diabetes medication. All within 30 days!


Join Us:

Our methods may be unconventional, but they are effective. Come, transform your health, and live without the constant fear of this debilitating disease.


Reference: Link to the YouTube video

In Health,

Tracy Green

Owner, Shred2Fit & The Diabetes Info Project

Are You Ready to Transform Your Health?

October 23rd-November 21st 2023

Harness the power of our evidence-backed strategies and redefine your approach to Type 2 Diabetes.

Special Price: $147 for a transformative 30-day journey.

What You Get:

  • Access to proven methods revolutionizing T2D management.

  • Exclusive entry to our supportive community on Facebook.

  • Tools, tips, and motivation to step into a healthier version of yourself.

  • Meal Plans and workouts via Shred2Fit in Vacaville & Suisun & Online!

  • After Registering: Take your experience further. Join our exclusive community for continuous support, insights, and shared victories. Click to request access: 

    Together, let's make every day a stride towards better health.

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