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It’s that time of the month! Time to check in on those 2021 goals.

👉So here’s where I’m at! As I am sure you are all aware, I just turned 50 on June 3rd!! Menopause has hit me pretty hard with an unwelcome weight gain. Mainly around my ab area. I have been working hard all year to keep myself healthy. I am going for Progress over Perfection. After a fun vacation in Maui, I am back in the gym and kitchen to continue this menopausal battle!!

💪 Here’s what’s keeping me motivated. As I was preparing meal plans for our BAE programs in house and online, I started researching foods that can combat Menopause Weight gain. So, I helped myself and designed a menopause meal plan that is sure to give me results! I have a handful of ladies on our current BAE programs that are doing this meal plan with me and so far, we are felling and seeing awesome results!!! Not to mention, the recipes are simple yet delicious!

Add that with Glute Gangsta's Crazy BAE workouts and I can not fail!!!

⭐Next up: We are always ready for what's next!! Check our website often for upcoming programs and start building that body (& booty) from the ground up!!!!! We have meal plans for diabetics, menopause, young athletes, keto, plant based and more!

Meal Plans will also be available for sale

by August 1st!!

👉How are YOU doing on your 2021 goals so far? Is there anything new you’re thinking about?

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🔥 This month is all about ways to CLEAN UP and DETOX your life.

But I want to flip that around today and instead of talking about removing something – how about something to ADD?

I train hard in my workouts, so I am always trying fun ways to recover.

Here are some the things I do and the links! Go get some R & R. You deserve it!

US Cryotherapy Davis I do the Chamber, a local area that requires extra relief and Normatec Boots.

Natural Tans Now, here is where I get relief in the Cocoon-this is 30 minutes of nap time for me, however, you can rev up the heat and actually burn calories as well! I enjoy the Red Light Bed which helps in cell regeneration for skin and body and so much more in just 15 minutes! There is also a delicious massage chair, Fit body wraps that I do occasionally as well as tanning beds and spray tan options. Love this place!

Tru Rest Float Spa Floating is so therapeutic for the mind and body. Laying on 1000 pounds of epson salted water is super relaxing and so good for the muscles and joints.

These are just a few places I frequent for my self care rest and recovery times.

❓What are some of YOUR favorite self-care activities? Tell me about it about it below in the comments!

Free Clean It Up Challenge starts on Monday June 14th!!

Make it a great week!!

Coach Jess

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🙄Are there certain foods that leave you feeling bloated and blah? I definitely have some – Anything Fast Food, Salty Foods, Processed Foods, you know the list, and I am sure we all know the list.

Did you know that digestive issues impact a LOT of people – in fact, as we get older, some say 40% of people report symptoms every year!

💡Here’s how I deal with bloating 🤫

First, I drink my morning mojo, first thing... (Water, lemon and dash of cayenne) This will help detoxify and rev up your metabolism. I try to avoid getting bloated in the first place if at all possible. I stay away from foods that make me feel that way. If I DO get bloated, I drink a lot of water, get in a light workout, take an epsom salt bath...oh and a Smooth Move Tea if I need. :/.

✅If you suffer from bloating or other digestion issues regularly, taking time to figure out what foods bother you is SO WORTH IT – and so is figuring out what helps you feel better afterward.

And also be sure to tell your healthcare provider about it at your next visit if it becomes a problem. 💡Do you have any “top offender” foods? What are they?! ⬇️

🍑4MBP starts June 7th!!

Learn More and register today!


Aging isn’t about FIGHTING with your body. It’s about working WITH it to take advantage of your strengths to overcome trouble areas.

This “Live Healthy At Any Age” ebook will help show you how to do that.

  • Your 20s: thriving through the stressful launchpad years

  • Your 30s: making time for health when you’re busy hitting your stride

  • Your 40s: optimizing your routine to juggle responsibilities

  • Your 50s: flourishing through a decade of transitions

  • Your 60s: embracing new opportunities with energy and fun

  • Your 70s, 80s, and beyond: living an active, balanced, and centered lifestyle

Download Your Free Copy Here:

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