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🔥 This month is all about ways to CLEAN UP and DETOX your life.

But I want to flip that around today and instead of talking about removing something – how about something to ADD?

I train hard in my workouts, so I am always trying fun ways to recover.

Here are some the things I do and the links! Go get some R & R. You deserve it!

US Cryotherapy Davis I do the Chamber, a local area that requires extra relief and Normatec Boots.

Natural Tans Now, here is where I get relief in the Cocoon-this is 30 minutes of nap time for me, however, you can rev up the heat and actually burn calories as well! I enjoy the Red Light Bed which helps in cell regeneration for skin and body and so much more in just 15 minutes! There is also a delicious massage chair, Fit body wraps that I do occasionally as well as tanning beds and spray tan options. Love this place!

Tru Rest Float Spa Floating is so therapeutic for the mind and body. Laying on 1000 pounds of epson salted water is super relaxing and so good for the muscles and joints.

These are just a few places I frequent for my self care rest and recovery times.

❓What are some of YOUR favorite self-care activities? Tell me about it about it below in the comments!

Free Clean It Up Challenge starts on Monday June 14th!!

Make it a great week!!

Coach Jess

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