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Life is too short (and busy!) for complicated habits and routines …

That’s why I keep a running grocery list on my phone; pack everything the night before and keep my workout tribe close. Some say it must be easy since I work at a gym, but I still have to show up everyday and put in the work. Having accountability partners help so much as well as family support at home.

These are some of the ways I keep my life as simple as possible.

I dread going to the grocery store, and used to go 2 to 3 times a week and I used to overthink my own goals and habits (like almost everyone else in the world).

Now I only go grocery shopping once a week for my mains and maybe a quick trip to replenish anything– and I try to time my trips for when it’s quiet in the store. As a coach, I know the value of HAVING a coach – so I have Coach Tracy Green who helps me reach my goals faster, without having to figure it out or go through the trial and error on my own. What a relief!

G.R.I.T.63 (I am on day 25) is also helping me mentally. Being Fit and Healthy is so important, but Mental Health must be up there in importance too. This program covers that part.

What’s ONE THING you do to keep your routines and habits simple? Let me know in the comments! ​​⬇️⬇️⬇️

(Below is a sample day in the life of G.R.I.T63- follow my journey:

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