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I do it for my mental & physical health, I do it to inspire others and to look and feel good about myself. Most importantly, as I age, working out keeps my body limber and able to function in everyday life.

Do you know how I’m always talking about finding your WHY – the REASON driving all your healthy habits?

It’s what keeps you going when your motivation is low.

I have several big “whys.”

  1. 🙏My mental state is so much better after a workout. I feel good and am more pleasant to be

  2. 💪 Menopause and aging has slowed my metabolism. Working out helps combat that. HIIT workouts coupled with strength training, help rev up my metabolism to help keep that weight off.

  3. 👊My peers and my clients- I want to inspire others and I am always inspired by them. Helping others achieve their goals, especially menopausal women, helps me as well. All the research, meal planning, etc. makes it worth it for all of us!

❓What are your WHYs? Let’s share them and get inspired! Post below!👇

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