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Bloating foods


🙄Are there certain foods that leave you feeling bloated and blah? I definitely have some – Anything Fast Food, Salty Foods, Processed Foods, you know the list, and I am sure we all know the list.

Did you know that digestive issues impact a LOT of people – in fact, as we get older, some say 40% of people report symptoms every year!

💡Here’s how I deal with bloating 🤫

First, I drink my morning mojo, first thing... (Water, lemon and dash of cayenne) This will help detoxify and rev up your metabolism. I try to avoid getting bloated in the first place if at all possible. I stay away from foods that make me feel that way. If I DO get bloated, I drink a lot of water, get in a light workout, take an epsom salt bath...oh and a Smooth Move Tea if I need. :/.

✅If you suffer from bloating or other digestion issues regularly, taking time to figure out what foods bother you is SO WORTH IT – and so is figuring out what helps you feel better afterward.

And also be sure to tell your healthcare provider about it at your next visit if it becomes a problem. 💡Do you have any “top offender” foods? What are they?! ⬇️

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