✅ A: When you work out, your muscles use their stored glycogen as fuel. Plus, exercise can break down your muscle proteins.

What and when you eat can both help refuel your muscles AND repair them!

Your muscles are especially receptive to refueling in the 30 to 45 minutes right after your workouts, so that’s the optimal time to eat your post-workout snack.

What should you eat in your snack? Here’s what research suggests:

Protein: Aim for 0.14 to 0.23 grams per pound of bodyweight (or 0.3 to 0.5 grams per kg) of protein to help repair your muscles. For most everyone, that’s between 20 to 40 grams of protein.

Carbohydrate: Shoot for about 0.5 to 0.7 grams of carbs per pound (1.1 to 1.5 grams per kg).

A good shortcut to follow is to eat 3x as many carb grams as protein.

Some ideas:

Eggs & oatmeal

Protein shake with banana and berries

Greek yogurt with fruit

All that being said … what you eat ALL day will have the biggest impact on your results, of course :-)

What’s YOUR favorite thing to eat after a workout?! 👇👇

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I’m going to blow the lid off something people don’t talk a lot about when it comes to a “balanced life” and reaching for your goals.

It’s almost impossible to have both at the same time.

When you’re in the process of making changes in your life, no matter what they are, it’s absolutely NORMAL for your life to get a little out of balance. At least for a short while.

I’m talking about times when …

  • You’re starting a new job or a new business.

  • Working on a health, wellness, or fitness goal.

  • Saving to pay off student debt.

  • You have a family goal (like a new baby in the house, or you’re suddenly in charge of your children’s schoolwork).

You only have so many hours in a day, with a limited amount of energy!

When you’re faced with a real-life “out of balance” goal or situation, there are a couple of things you can do about it.

First, accept it.

“To everything, there is a season…”

That’s been solid wisdom for thousands of years – because it’s TRUE!

If you try to do it “all” … it’ll almost always just lead to disappointment, burnout, and unneeded stress.

Second, try to give the other areas of your life SOME attention.

I’m talking about things related to:

  • Finances/money

  • Your family and your friends

  • Your health and wellness

  • Your self-development and learning

  • Your spirit

If you ignore those areas of your life, before long you might find yourself feeling unhappy, unfulfilled, and feel like something is missing from your life (because it is!).

You might not be able to devote time to every area of your life every day, but carving out time once a week can make a real difference.

You can also upgrade how you spend your time!

For instance, let’s say you’re working on a nutrition goal for the New Year.

If you normally order takeout or go out to eat with the family on the weekends -- and end up indulging in meals that don’t align with your goals -- what if instead you created a new “family dinner” at-home routine?

Everyone could chip in and help prepare dinner together - and if you have kids in the house who are old enough, maybe THEY can be (mostly) in charge.

Your family will remember these times for years to come … AND you’ll all be eating healthier foods.

That’s a win-win!

I hope this helps you as you tackle your 2021 goals – so you can set yourself up for success!

Make it an incredible day,

Coach Jess

PS: The February Fat Blaster 28 Day Challenge starts on Monday!!! We have a delicious meal plan and incredible workouts ready for ya!! Learn more here:

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If you have done any of our Shred2Fit Challenges, you will notice that we always do a 2 day detox.


We want to rid our body of all the toxins. Our bodies are incredible and have it's own built in self cleaning system!

However, poor food, environment, what we put on our skin and aging can make that cleaning system much harder to function.

Our Liver needs a break! It is working hard sorting everything that is entering our body. When it is busy dealing with the bad stuff, how do you expect it to do the job we really are interested in? Metabolizing fat? Burning fat?

And more importantly, simply adding good nutrients isn't good enough. If we are too toxic, those beautiful nutritious choices we decided to make won't absorb as well.

Cue in our 2 Day Detox! We have found the most delicious way to give our body what it needs, while lightening the load on our overworked liver and the rest of our body’s built-in toxin-removal system.

This will pave the way to absorbing all the good food choices you make to better help your whole body look and feel it's best!

Below, a sneak peak of one of our challenge Success Manual Detox pages and one recipe, Amazing Detox Soup. It is so delicious and perfect for the cold months. Always strive for local and organic whenever possible to get the best results.

And if you want more information on our upcoming challenges, feel free to contact us anytime! We would love to go over your health and fitness goals.

Not a member of our Tribe?? All you need is something weighted and an Internet Connection!! Let s go!


Coach Jess

More Info on 2 Day Detox:

Amazing Detox Soup:

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