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It’s that time of the month! Time to check in on those 2021 goals.

👉So here’s where I’m at! As I am sure you are all aware, I just turned 50 on June 3rd!! Menopause has hit me pretty hard with an unwelcome weight gain. Mainly around my ab area. I have been working hard all year to keep myself healthy. I am going for Progress over Perfection. After a fun vacation in Maui, I am back in the gym and kitchen to continue this menopausal battle!!

💪 Here’s what’s keeping me motivated. As I was preparing meal plans for our BAE programs in house and online, I started researching foods that can combat Menopause Weight gain. So, I helped myself and designed a menopause meal plan that is sure to give me results! I have a handful of ladies on our current BAE programs that are doing this meal plan with me and so far, we are felling and seeing awesome results!!! Not to mention, the recipes are simple yet delicious!

Add that with Glute Gangsta's Crazy BAE workouts and I can not fail!!!

⭐Next up: We are always ready for what's next!! Check our website often for upcoming programs and start building that body (& booty) from the ground up!!!!! We have meal plans for diabetics, menopause, young athletes, keto, plant based and more!

Meal Plans will also be available for sale

by August 1st!!

👉How are YOU doing on your 2021 goals so far? Is there anything new you’re thinking about?

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