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Elevate Your Nutrition with Shred2Fit Meal Plans

Unlock the power of nutrition with our expertly crafted meal plans designed by Jessica Locke, our esteemed Nutrition Consultant. With over 7 years of experience in creating dietitian-approved meal plans at Shred2Fit, Jessica brings a wealth of knowledge and a tailored approach to each plan, ensuring they meet specific health and fitness goals. Browse our selections to find the perfect complement to your fitness routine.

meal plan for stress and anxiety

The Ultimate Stress-Relieving Meal Plan: $97!

Combat stress effectively with this nutrient-rich meal plan, formulated by Jessica to boost mental well-being with key nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin B6, and fiber.  Available in Traditional or plant-based options for natural stress relief. Pair this meal plan with a Shred2Fit membership for optimal health and fitness results. (Plan will be emailed post-purchase.)

Master your metabolism meal plan

Master Your Metabolism with Meal Plan: $97

Jessica Locke’s expertise shines in this four-week plan designed to enhance your metabolic rate and complement your Shred2Fit workouts. Tailored to help you lose inches and gain strength, you’ll feel fantastic and see amazing results. (Plan will be emailed post-purchase.)

Summer Countdown Meal Plan
Coach Jess before and after

Summer Countdown Transformation Meal Plan: $97

Get ready for summer with a cutting-edge approach to nutrition, also designed by Jessica. This plan focuses on trimming excess fat while minimizing lean muscle loss, utilizing careful macronutrient manipulation. Perfect for those aiming for a dramatic transformation any time of the year. (Plan will be emailed post-purchase.)

Explore Our Free Recipes

In addition to our premium meal plans, enjoy a selection of free recipes curated by Jessica Locke. From energizing breakfasts to satisfying dinners, these recipes are simple to prepare and delicious to taste, ensuring you stay nourished and energized throughout your fitness journey:

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