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This program will target the development of your Glutes and Abs. This is a complete 28 day program focusing on the gluteal muscles a group of three muscles which make up the buttocks: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. The three muscles originate from the ilium and sacrum and insert on the femur. And of course for your booty to really pop we must also reduce and expose your six pack abs.




This is a complete program using the best exercises for specific muscle development.

We are always getting asked by people, "what exercise works this area" or "what can I do for this" or "what works best for this part of the muscle". Inherently everyone from the couch potato to the professional bodybuilder has at least one area of their body that they want to target or improve upon.

Even if perhaps you were content with your aesthetics and physical proportions—wouldn't it be nice, or even educational, to know specifically what muscles are being emphasized with certain exercises or what exercises are better suited to target a specific muscle or muscle group?

Even qualified personal trainers sometimes have a tough time remembering all of this information.

To us (and apparently many others we've talked to) it's a no-brainer to imagine just how useful and invaluable it would be to have all of this scientifically based information in one intense workout program laid out easily for you.

From our research efforts, we've unfortunately realized that this type of information is not only scattered all over the place, but depending on what sources you seek, the information may be contraindicative. So we've decided to start this program because it’s what many of you have requested. Once and for all we have compiled a painstakingly comprehensive list of exercises in this programs that work best for your glutes and abs.

This information has been compiled from various kinesiology and exercise physiology textbooks as well as other credible materials.

It is important to note that spot reduction or losing fat in only one area of your body is impossible, these exercises in this program are meant to target specific muscles not fat at specific areas.

It is also important to keep in mind that it is impossible to contract only one portion of a muscle—a muscle contracts entirely. But, priority or greater amount of involvement can happen to specific muscle fibers of the muscle.

For example; during the incline bench press the pectoralis major (the main chest muscle) contracts entirely, but because you are on an incline the force from the weight is not distributed evenly across the chest and therefore the fibers of the upper "pec" are working hardest. Therefore, this exercise is performed in order to prioritize and build the upper portion of the chest.


This 28 Day Best Ass Ever Program contains effective exercises that target all angles of the glutes leaving you with a firm, lifted booty. I think that it’s safe to say that most ladies would love to have a perky, firm and round booty. Some of us are born with genetically larger bottoms, while others aren’t as lucky. We have good news! Following this TMT, “Best Ass Ever" – 28 Day Program” will get you some seriously stunning results. With it, you can lift, firm and build the booty of your dreams and shred weight off your mid-section and expose your abs that are hiding.


In weight training, volume is the term used to describe how much work you do, such as the number of repetitions (reps) you perform of an exercise. Intensity describes the difficulty of an exercise, typically based on the amount of weight you lift.

Broadly speaking, increasing your exercise volume improves fitness and endurance. Increasing intensity builds lean muscle mass and strength.

This is not a cut-and-dried rule. Any exercise you do will improve your fitness, endurance, muscle mass, and strength to varying degrees. But, ultimately, you cannot grow your muscles simply by increasing reps, or improve your endurance if you don't increase your reps.


In this program we will be using high rep training to increase muscle size, fat loss and endurance. 

Low-rep, high load training is optimal for building strength but high-rep training can still be effective for muscle hypertrophy. A 2012 study found that lifting weights as light as 30% of one-rep max can lead to muscle growth if you do enough reps to thoroughly fatigue the muscle. It’s not just the load that counts when you’re trying to hypertrophy the muscle, volume counts too. Plus, fast-twitch muscle fibers get recruited after the slow-twitch fibers fatigue.

High reps are not completely ineffective for building strength also. You’ll get the most strength gains by doing low-rep, high load training but you can still achieve strength gains with higher reps than the standard 6 or fewer repetitions often prescribed for strength training. Strength gains diminish as you decrease the load and increase the number of reps, so you don’t want to go too light.

What Is a Muscle “Pump?”

The muscle “pump” refers to the temporary increase in muscle size that occurs when you lift weights, especially when you use higher reps and shorter rest periods.

To understand why this happens, we need to look at whats going on inside of our muscles when we lift weights.

When you contract your muscles, metabolic byproducts like lactic acid build up inside and around the cells. These substances contribute to muscle pump in a few different ways.

First, your heart pumps more blood into your muscles to carry these compounds away, which makes your muscles swell.

Second, these compounds pull water into the cells, making them larger.

Third, as these cells expand, they reduce the amount of blood that’s able to escape the muscle.


You can see what this looks like in a diagram like this:

Screen Shot 2021-01-27 at 12.56.48

When your muscle fibers are relaxed, blood can easily pass between them. When they expand, they pinch off the veins trying to carry blood back to the heart. 

The net effect is that blood is being pumped into your muscles faster than it can leave, which makes the blood  “pool” in your muscles, and gives you a pump.

The more contractions you perform, the more these compounds accumulate in your muscle cells, and the more swelling occurs.

In other words, the pump is a temporary enlargement of a muscle due to an increase in the amount of blood in the muscle. 


This is why “pump training” usually involves sets of 10 to 20+ reps, with around 30 to 60; seconds of rest between each set (or less), for a prescribed amount of reps in this instance. 

The combination of high reps, short rest periods, and multiple sets causes a rapid buildup of these metabolic byproducts and a large spike in blood flow, while simultaneously making it harder for blood to escape.

And viola, you have a pump.


This program isn’t just about high reps. It’s about changing the intensity and training methods each week. Each week we will be changing the training methodologies and techniques using 4-Minute Pump, Century 100’s, Cardio Resistance Training, and Gorilla Sets.


The 28 Day Best Ass Ever Program is a 5 day split-body program thats divided into 3 days of glutes resistance training with barbells and resistance bands and 2 days kettlebell and resistance band ab workouts.

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