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When your motivation lags...

✅FACT: I did not feel like stretching today. Somedays, I have a great workout and want to just be done and skip the stretching..I am tired, and just wanna go home and relax.

But you know what? That’s NORMAL because the truth is, no one has 100% motivation all day, every day. #truthbomb

👉🏽But what’s NOT ok (if you’re working toward something important) is letting that temporary lack of motivation get in the way of your success.

💪That’s part of the beauty of developing habits into your routine.

That is why in all our classes in house or online, we always stretch before and after, regardless how we feel.

This is so important because when motivation lags, the habit helps push you through … especially when you don’t feel like doing it. And they way we have been training lately, it is super important to stretch out those glutes and legs!!

So for me, it was stretching today, other days it could be something else...Let's find that motivation within ourselves and help each other out. We got this fam!!!

Did you do something this week that you didn’t feel like doing!? What was it and how did you feel AFTER!? 👇👇👇

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