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😋 What do I eat before my workouts?!

This is actually one of the most common questions I get asked! Maybe this will give you some ideas ...

Because I usually work out at 5am with my Shred2Fit Zoom class then again at 7am with my fellow coach friends, I will start with my Morning Mojo, first thing (Water, lemon and dash of Cayenne)

I train with 5am via Zoom on an empty stomach. Then around 6:15am, I consume Creatine and a pre-workout in my water bottle.

I want to be well fueled and have the energy to ROCK my workouts …. instead of dragging my body through them. So, if I am hungry, I might have protein or an apple after the 5am class so I have enough time to digest before my 7am workout.

Here are a few pre-workout ideas:

AM/PM Workout


Protein shake (just water and protein)

Pre-Workout (Nutrishop has a great brand -Lipotropic)

❓What’s YOUR pre-workout go-to? Let me know in the comments 👇

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